Ben Chong

Awakening of Courage [勇气与野心的觉醒]

Oil on canvas
102cm x 78cm

Ben believed that in everyone, there is a tiger hidden inside of us. Tigers are well known for its courage and it is also a symbolism of it. Somebody’s tiger could be hibernating, and somebody’s tiger have already been awakened. Whether you choose to have the courage to take the first step, it eventually will lead to a division point of your life.

Ben had used Black and White for this art piece as a theme. The only tiger in this piece represents his courage, soon after his courage was awakened and it has called for him to chase his very dreams.

每个人内心深处都住着一只老虎,有些人的老虎在冬眠,而有些老虎已被觉醒。有没有勇气走出第一步,往往是人生的分水岭。Ben’s 在展示中使用了黑白两色。唯一的一只老虎代表了他内心的勇气,而这份勇气已被觉醒,也唤醒了他敢于追逐梦想的勇气。

January 7 @ 14:35

Ben Chong

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