Ben Chong

Awakening of Divinity [神性的觉醒]

Mixed Media on Canvas
90cm x 90cm

This is a portrait of what baby Jesus looks like in the form of a child. This piece by Ben was inspired by the Salvator Mundi painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

It was the energy and divinity that this child carried that made Jesus Christ awaken from an early age, a light shine on him and with his eyes closed, a magic ball was held on the his left hand, and the gesture of his right hand was what made him realised and accepted that he was the one, the chosen one. Upon realising “ I am the chosen savior “ a beautiful dove flew to him and it knows that this child would bring peace to the world and beyond.

作为婴儿耶稣肖像的象征,Ben 的灵感来自于达芬奇- 救世主画作。婴儿耶稣的能量和神性从小就被唤醒,一道光照射,闭着眼睛,左手握着一粒魔力球,右手的手势就是告诉自己“我就是被选定的救世主” 鸽子飞向他也知道这婴儿将会带给世界和平!

January 7 @ 14:55

Ben Chong

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