Ben Chong

Awakening of Nature [万物自然的觉醒]

Acrylic on canvas
165cm x 324cm

This art piece by Ben was inspired by a book named (The Happy Journey ) that was written by the great philosopher Zhuang Zi. The theme of this art piece is to pursue an absolute free outlook on life, the goal is to forget the boundaries between humans and animals, to reach the realm of selflessness, impractical and nameless, this would be the meaning of “the Getaway”

Ben Chong implicated nature for this particular art piece, once nature is awakened, heaven and earth combined as one, releasing infinite energy.

The sea, the land and the sky merged together. The animals have entered the realm what it felt like ecstasy, whales could fly in the sky, the deer and birds could live under the sea, now this would be true freedom!


Ben Chong 用了大自然的方式去呈现着此文的寓意,当大自然被觉醒的那一刻,天地合一,释放无穷潜力,海陆空完美结合。画中的动物已经进入到忘我的境界,鲸鱼也可以在天空飞,鹿和鸟也可以在海中生活,这才是真正的自由!

November 30 @ 12:40

Ben Chong

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