Ben Chong

Awakening of Wisdom [智慧的觉醒]

Oil on canvas
102cm x 78cm

One’s wisdom, other than learning, needs to be enlightened, and with enlightenment it is believed to be the highest state of knowledge.

How do you reach that state of knowledge? Just like the mirror in the water in this painting, we need to constantly reflect on ourselves, reflect on the past. All to sum up the experiences and lessons we had, use one’s heart to comprehend. Extract wisdom from past experiences.
And once one wisdom is awakened, the things In front of us would appear in colours.


如何去悟?就像画中的水中镜,我们需要不断反思自己,反思过去,总结经验教训,用心去感悟,从经历中提取属于自己的人生智慧。 当智慧被觉醒时,眼前的事物就会出现七彩。

October 20 @ 18:10

Ben Chong

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