Bereit Spieler Eins, 2024

Bereit Spieler Eins, 2024

Acrylic on Canvas
152cm x 152cm

‘Bereit Spieler Eins’ is German for ‘Ready Player One’.  Astroboy is a powerful robot with human-like emotions, embodied the spirit of the times, or zeitgeist. He fought against evil and inspired others to embrace empathy and kindness. Astroboy reminds us to stay connected to our beliefs and values of our era, and to use our unique abilities to make a positive impact on the world.

Bereit Spieler Eins “是德语 “Ready Player One “的缩写。 阿童木是一个强大的机器人,拥有人类般的情感,体现了时代精神或时代潮流。他与邪恶作斗争,并激励他人拥抱同理心和善良。阿童木提醒我们要与我们这个时代的信仰和价值观保持联系,用我们独特的能力对世界产生积极的影响。

May 15 @ 11:25

Nicholas Choong

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