[菩度, 2024]

Bodhi [菩度, 2024]

Mixed Media on Canvas
120cm x 120cm

Have you ever seen the movie ” Little Buddha “? It tells the story of the Buddha’s journey to enlightenment, Buddhahood and teachings. King Suddhodana, the father of the Buddha heard about his son’s teachings during the missionary journey and asked one of his servant to invite the Buddha back to their nation so he could propagate his message. The Sangha was successively joined by the Nobel progeny, the descendants of the Sakya clan, such as Venerable, Purana, Ananda, Devadatta, Nanda and others. the Dharma then lived in the world for 45 years, guiding and receiving a great number of followers. The Buddha is shown in this painting holding a sermon while seated on a throne wearing a crown. It truly shows the artist’s admiration and reverence for the Buddha, even a prince who was in a position of power can suffer and through spiritual practice and enlightenment, it can help to break free from the cycle of reincarnation to attain liberation.




April 30 @ 12:45

Ben Chong

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