Brotherhood, 2024

Brotherhood 兄弟, 2024

Mixed Media on Board
92 cm x 92 cm

[Old Master Q] is a Hong Kong comic series that follows a group of buddies who are as close as brothers. In this particular piece, there’s a character named “Big Potato” who’s tied up, but even in that situation, he’s still keeping an eye on his friends playing checkers, he remains observant despite being tied up, showcasing his dedication to his friends.

They stick together through thick and thin, facing all sorts of adventures and challenges along the way. It’s a heartwarming story that celebrates the power of friendship and the bond of brotherhood.

[老夫子] 是一部香港漫画系列,讲述了一群亲如兄弟的伙伴的故事。在这部作品中,有一个叫 “大蕃薯 “的角色,他被绑着,但即使在这种情况下,他仍然在注视着玩跳棋的朋友们,尽管被绑着,他仍然保持着观察力,展现了他对朋友们的奉献精神。


May 21 @ 12:15

Nicholas Choong

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