Connecting With My Higher Self – Bodhisattva Heart
[连接高我—菩萨心, 2024]

Connecting With My Higher Self – Bodhisattva Heart [连接高我—菩萨心, 2024]

Mixed Media on Canvas
120cm x 90cm

By embracing the Bodhisattva’s heart, we must conduct ourselves in the world with compassion and kindness. It is said in Buddhism to approach worldly endeavors with a worldly perspective. This means that even though we are material beings, we should always maintain an attitude of detachment, to always treat people with kindness and with wisdom, to allow the teachings of the Buddha to guide us in the world. She shows compassion for the suffering in the world and uses her knowledge and strength to benefit all living things, much like the Bodhisattva did when she descended to Earth. We should cherish and recognize this chance.



April 30 @ 11:45

Ben Chong

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