Ben Chong

Crane&Butterflies [鹤与蝴蝶]

Mixed Media on Canvas
100CM X 80CM

In the realm of nature, two captivating creatures holds a special place, the elegant crane and the enchanting butterflies. Each possesses unique qualities of their own that inspire awe and fascination. While the crane symbolizes wisdom and longevity, the butterflies embodies transformation and delicacy. As we dive into the enchanting world of these creatures, we sense a remarkable tale of harmony, resilience, and the power of embracing change. 在自然界中,两种迷人的生物占据着特殊的位置。优雅的仙鹤,妖娆的蝴蝶。每个都拥有自己独特的品质,激发敬畏和迷恋。鹤象征着智慧和长寿,而蝴蝶则象征着蜕变和精致。当我们深入这些生物的迷人世界时,我们感受到了一个关于和谐、韧性和拥抱变化的力量的非凡故事。

October 27 @ 16:45

Ben Chong

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