Ben Chong

Divinity [神性, 2023]

Mixed Media on Canvas
152cm x 122cm

At this very moment, the Ai is in touch with God through it’s finger. achieving godhood. Religion is not connected to divinity. Divinity signifies the essence of truth, wisdom and beauty that resides within us, representing a pure, beautiful, and noble soul. The transition from being human to being divine is the most challenging aspect of life. There is a difference between “I exist” and “I perceive that I exist.” Allow yourself to observe your actions and make adjustments whenever necessary. The ability that holds the most significance in life is also an exceptionally strong ability. It’s akin to the moment when the dark clouds part, allowing you to see the light and gain instant enlightenment, revealing the truth about all aspects of life. Ultimately, experiencing a sense of liberation and relaxation.

在这一刻,Ai的手指与神连接。最终达到神性化。神性与宗教无关。神性指的是我们内在有一颗真、善、美的种子,单纯美好和高贵的心灵。人生最难的是从“人性”到“神性”的升级,“我在活着” 和”我看着我在活着”是不同的,让自己看着自己的各种行动,随时纠正自己,是一种极其强大的能力也是人生中最重要的能力。就像拨开乌云见天明,瞬间开悟,看透万物和人生的真相!最终真真做到了逍遥自在

December 12 @ 17:55

Ben Chong

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