Enlightenment [开悟, 2023]

Enlightenment [开悟, 2023]

Mixed Media on Canvas

120 cm x 90cm

In life, we often find ourselves torn between being busy and feeling stressed, leading us to constantly seek methods to relax and find relief. As the slow melody flows through the air, it finds its way into our hearts like a warm spring. It resonates with our most profound emotions, allowing us to express our innermost feelings, overcome stress, and ultimately discover ourselves. A work of art, a musical composition, or a sculpture have the power to spark our creativity. As we admire these pieces, our hearts are gradually transformed, our perspectives widen, and our hearts grow fuller. We will eventually discover happiness and keep our love alive through the use of art therapy.

在生活中,我们常在忙绿和压力之间挣扎, 所以一直在寻找让内心平静和治愈的方法。当旋律在空气中缓缓流淌, 它就像一股清泉,流入我们的心灵。它触及我们内心 最深层的情感,让我们打开内心的感受,释放压力, 最终找到自己。一幅作品,一段音乐,一个雕塑都能够激发我们的想象力。 当我们在欣赏这些作品时,我们的心灵也在悄然变化,思维更加开阔 心灵更加丰富。通过艺术疗愈,我们最终会找到幸福感,把爱延续下去。

May 6 @ 13:45

Ben Chong

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