Home, 2024

Home 家, 2024

Mixed Media on Board
92 cm x 92 cm

[Crayon Shin Chan] is a hilarious and heartwarming comic series that revolves around the mischievous adventures of Shin Chan, a lovable and energetic kid.

Home plays a central role in the story, as it’s where Shin Chan and his family share countless funny and heartwarming moments together. From his antics at home to the everyday challenges and joys of family life, this comic captures the essence of what it means to find love, laughter, and a sense of belonging in the place we call home.

[蜡笔小新] 是一部搞笑又温馨的漫画系列,围绕着一个可爱又充满活力的孩子–小新的调皮冒险故事展开。


May 21 @ 12:25

Nicholas Choong

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