Jaee Tee

Joyous Transformation 2 [愉悦·蜕变2]

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
101cm x 101cm

Adapting to the concept of the flower garden, Jaee has chosen a unique color to present her flower garden by using the most sophisticated color Tiffany blue as her background.

Jaee painted a garden that would bring joy and happiness to the two butterflies. The butterflies roamed around the garden created a beautiful and vivid image.

以花园作为创作的基础概念,Jaee 选择了一种独特的颜色来展示她的花园,以精致的蒂芙尼蓝作为背景。Jaee 描绘了充满欢乐和幸福的花园,蝴蝶栩栩如生。而这精美图画的呈现使气氛充满欢乐。

December 11 @ 22:15

Jaee Tee

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