Jaee Tee

Joyous Transformation [愉悦·蜕变]

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
101cm x 101cm

The first attraction of this painting is the elegant and sophisticated background that is in different shades of blue, mixtures of sky blue and light tiffany blue, the pink butterfly that was presented in this piece is to symbolize transformation. For this painting, Jaee adapted a smoother and lighter color to represent the soft outlook of the butterflies.

Transformations are always tough, nonetheless, it has to happen with the intention to make one a better person. Thus, Jaee believes that, it is important to go through the transformation process with a loving soul. She hopes that with this painting, it can nurture one’s heart, mind, body and soul while facing the challenges in one’s transformation.

变革与转型总是艰难的,但它总是为了让自己成为更好的人。因此,Jaee 认为,以一个充满爱的心灵去面对转变过程的是至关重要的。这幅画,能给予同时在应对挑战的你更多的养分,滋养你的灵魂、思想和身体。

December 11 @ 22:15

Jaee Tee

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