Dream, 2024

Dream 梦想, 2024

Mixed Media on Board
91cm x 91cm

Back in the 1920s, a talented artist named Walt Disney came up with the idea for Mickey Mouse. He wanted to create a character that would bring joy and laughter to people’s lives. Walt Disney and his team worked hard to bring Mickey to life. Mickey Mouse is often associated with dreams because he represents the power of imagination and the magic of storytelling. Mickey’s optimistic and adventurous spirit inspires us to believe in our dreams and never stop pursuing them. He reminds us that anything is possible if we dare to dream big.

早在 1920 年代,一位名叫沃尔特-迪斯尼的天才艺术家就萌生了米老鼠的想法。他想创造一个能给人们的生活带来欢乐和笑声的角色。沃尔特-迪斯尼和他的团队努力工作,终于将米老鼠变成了现实。米老鼠常常与梦想联系在一起,因为他代表着想象的力量和讲故事的魔力。米奇的乐观和冒险精神激励我们相信自己的梦想,永不停止对梦想的追求。他提醒我们,只要敢于梦想,一切皆有可能。

February 14 @ 16:25

Nicholas Choong

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