Ben Chong

Old-Time Melody [那一段旋律]

Mixed Media on Canvas
109cm x 142cm

All the prosperity and vanity in this world would not make you truly happy. Because most of them are temporary and cannot be converted into eternal happiness.It is like listening to a musical, watching a play, watching the end of a scene, listening to the end of a song. People tend to always try and capture eternity in fragments, but they could never accomplish it. Because the truth is in this world, the world is impermanence, everything feels like an illusion.

Just like the cassette in this particular painting, does it remind you of a familiar melody from the past? People turned into birds and travel through time and space, just to get to the past. Whilst being attracted just by looking at the flowers and the butterflies, it implies that people yearn to find their inner peace. No matter what adversity you have and will encounter, as long as your heart is at peace, you can see through everything, free-spirited and simple, to know how to avoid trouble. A person with this mindset is someone who knows how to enjoy and appreciate life.




April 10 @ 12:10

Ben Chong

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