Nicholas Choong

Paradox, 2022

Mixed Media on Board
90cm x 90cm

When we think about Chinese martial arts, we are reminded of the great Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and other male martial arts icons.
This artwork depicts a dominant female surrounded by two male opponents. The message Choong wanted to get across is that, even in a sport where males predominate, women would always find their place.

“The More You Shine, The More Shadows You Cast” Your choices won’t appeal to everyone. That’s just the way things are. Don’t let that prevent you from making a difference.

这件艺术品描绘了一位占主导地位的女性被两名男性对手包围。 Choong想要传达的信息是,即使在男性占主导地位的运动中,女性也总能找到自己的位置。
“你越闪耀,你投射的阴影就越多” 你的选择不会吸引所有人。事情就是这样。不要让它阻止你做出改变。

November 28 @ 16:05

Nicholas Choong

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