Ben Chong

Past.Present.Future [过去.现在.未来 2023]

Mixed Media On Canvas
120cm x 300cm

Masterpiece of Time Traveller’s Series

After the recent epidemic, many people start to wonder about the relationship between man and nature. Upon realization, we human beings should be in awe of nature. By knowing how to respect nature and all things in this world that was given to us, that is when we humans will truly be save and safe.

Us human beings are not the center of the universe, but time and nature are the true masters of the universe.
We humans were yet to exist in this world while the mountain existed, 100 years will pass and the mountain will still stand but we humans will cease to exist.
From flowers and plants, we could learn the wisdom and processes of the natural world. For trees to heal and to be reborn, it must be cut down. Alike humans, we will hurt but when we heal, we will only get better.

This painting of Ben’s presents three stages, the past, the present, and the future. The Pegasus that was seen in the painting represents the future, an era of unrestrained imagination. The characters represents the present, living freely, in unity with heaven and man, releasing various potential of heaven and earth. the whale in the painting represents the legendary past, the mythic world.

In life we learn every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


人不是宇宙的中心,时间和大自然才是主人,因为当这座山存在的时候我们还不在这世界,100 年後,山在人不在。從花草中我们可以学到大自然界的智慧和过程,枯木砍掉後可治愈而重生。就像我们都会受伤但愈合过后,会便的更好。


September 11 @ 16:00

Ben Chong

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