Princess WenCheng
[文成公主, 2024]

Princess WenCheng [文成公主, 2024]

Mixed Media on Canvas
120cm x 120cm

In Tibet, there is a belief known as the ” Lifetime Pilgrimage ” They pray for world peace and for all living creatures to be protected from unexpected disasters, referring to Princess Wen Cheng in this painting, she embraced the task and travelled to Tibet to marry The King of Tibet ( Songtsen Gampo ). She brought agriculture equipment, books and cultural items from the Central Plains, which helped the economic and cultural development of Tubo ( the Tibetan Tubo dynasty 7th-11th century ) and made great contributions to the peace of Central Plains and Border areas. Tibetans considered Princess Wencheng as Bodhisattva among the living as her arrival brought hope to the downtrodden individuals, she dedicated her life to promote peace and development, even if it meant sacrificing her own well being. When her name is brought up, people still speak of her with great admiration . The eagle symbolizes bravery and power. The artist painted the eagle with precision that it looked like a robot, this is also intended to make the audience wonder the destruction of nature and if the eagle will be among the species at risk of going extinct. The robotic eagle was created with the intention of preserving the sky burial tradition in Tibet, even in the absence of eagles.





April 30 @ 12:35

Ben Chong

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