Ben Chong

Rhythm of Childhood [童真]

Mixed Media on Canvas
150cm x 120cm

They said the most innocent and loving time in our lives were catching butterflies, folding paper planes, fly kites, playing with ducks near the lake and bring home fishes to keep at home. These intimate and familiar scenes in our childhood reflected the simplicity and beauty of one’s innocence for thousands of years.

“In addition to nostalgia and emotions, can a person who have experienced alot of challenges in life still live with a heart with innocence forever?
The paper plane, the small yellow duck and the koi fish in this painting describes the emotions that the artist wanted to express and put out. ” People grow up, but please kindly hold on to the innocence in your heart and soul because innocence is the most precious treasure that anyone could ever have.

“最是天真浪漫时” 抓蝴蝶、折纸飞机、放风筝、玩小鸭子和养鲤鱼….这些倍感亲切的熟悉场景,正体现着千百年来亘古不变的纯朴童心。



April 10 @ 12:35

Ben Chong

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