Jaee Tee

See Beyond The Storm [风暴之后]

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
102cm x 102cm

In this piece, Jaee had an eagle as her core subject. The eagle is well known for its uniqueness. One of its amazing feature is that the eagle is focused and it will stay focused no matter how bad the storm is. The eagle was seen chasing its prey, no matter how complex the situation is upfront.

She combined colors of the sky with colors of nature, she used multiple techniques of different brush strokes to express the disruption in one’s soul which is in front of the eagle. The color blue represents calmness. However, from a broader’s view. The color white with a lighter shade of blue is to represent a saying that there would always be peace after a storm.

Jaee 用一只鹰作为这幅画的主题之一。鹰眼视角的独特之处在于,即使处在虚幻且抽象的风暴之中,它仍然是专注的,因为在鸟类里,老鹰是拥有最广阔俯角的视野的。老鹰专注地在追逐它的猎物,不管眼前的情况有多么的艰难!

Jaee运用了天空及大自然的颜色 – 蓝色作为平静的象征,也用其笔触表达鹰眼前面的风暴,也象征着灵魂的破碎。然而,从更广阔的视角来看,风暴的背后就是平静,表现在这幅画的浅蓝色与白色上。

December 11 @ 22:10

Jaee Tee

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