Serenity Embrace
[宁静的拥抱, 2024]

Serenity Embrace [宁静的拥抱, 2024]

Mixed Media on Canvas
80cm x 80cm

The artwork depicts two vibrant koi fish gracefully swimming alongside a robot hand. It showcases the harmonious blend of nature and technology, symbolizing the beauty that can arise from unexpected connections. The contrasting elements come together to create a mesmerizing and thought-provoking piece. It reflects the tranquil and harmonious connection between the koi fishes and the robotic hand.

这件艺术品描绘了两条充满活力的锦鲤在机械手旁边优雅地游泳。 它展示了自然与技术的和谐融合,象征着意想不到的联系所产生的美丽。 对比鲜明的元素组合在一起,创造出一件令人着迷且发人深省的作品。 它体现了锦鲤与机械手之间宁静和谐的联系。

April 25 @ 12:25

Ben Chong

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