Jaee Tee

Stability [游刃有余]

Acrylic and Oil on canvas
90cm x 90cm

Stability forms the best view, in this particular piece we could see all the beautiful creatures from the surface of the water. However, there are times where the water does not flow as beautifully or smoothly. Jaee has used a slightly darker color to represent the water movements, the emotions that were present, which signifies the hardness and the internal current of the water. Jaee believes that in life, there would always be hardships even one has stability and we would eventually get used to it.

Strong strokes along with thick oil were drawn on the water, those elements have made the painting lively, which further enhance the atmosphere around it.

Koi fishes swam in the stable current, expressed the feeling of joy. The philosophy of this is, that during the hard times, no matter what challenges we face in our life, we should always have a positive mindset.

水的稳定为观众创造了最佳视野,因为我们可以从水面上看到底下所有美丽的生物。然而,有时水流可能并不那么平静。 Jaee 在表现水的运动、情绪时使用了较深的颜色,这标志着一些看不到的障碍和内在的流动。 Jaee一直认为即使在生活稳定的时候也会存在一些内在的波动,而我们会逐渐适应与习惯,没什么大不了的。强烈的笔触和浓厚的油彩形成了丰富的水,使画面生动活泼,进一步烘托了整幅作品的氛围感。


December 11 @ 22:05

Jaee Tee

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