Street Fighter, 2024

Street Fighter 街头霸王, 2024

Mixed Media on Board
122 cm x 122 cm

[Street Fighter] a Japanese media franchise video game series that’s all about intense fights and epic battles. You get to choose from a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique fighting styles and special moves. From fireballs to spinning kicks, it’s all about mastering your skills and taking down your opponents.

It inspires new generations of fighters to embrace competition and the pursuit of greatness.

[街头霸王] 是日本媒体特许经营的视频游戏系列,以激烈的格斗和史诗般的战斗为主题。你可以选择不同的角色,每个角色都有自己独特的格斗风格和特殊招式。从火球术到回旋踢,游戏的关键在于掌握技巧,击倒对手。


May 21 @ 12:30

Nicholas Choong

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