Jaee Tee

Symphony of Joy [欢乐交响曲]

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
120cm x 150cm

This piece is inspired by one of Jaee’s diving experiences where she had the chance to discover the dazzling underwater world. For her the underwater world is filled with joy. where flora and fauna creates a symphony of joy in their own way. The sea is so vast and thus joy can be found in diverse from all aquatic creatures.

The technique of splashing has been a signature of Jaee’s artwork, and the color selection of Jaee’s work never fail to impress and surprise her audience. She used the color red instead of the ocean blue as her main color in this piece in order to express her joy while diving.

这幅画的灵感来自 Jaee 的潜水经历,她有机会探索令人眼花缭乱的水下世界。对她来说,海底世界充满欢乐,动植物以自己的方式创造出欢乐的交响曲。大海如此浩瀚,快乐虽简单但是强烈的,感染了所有的生物。


December 11 @ 22:15

Jaee Tee

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