Ben Chong

Awakening of Humanity: Garden of Eden [人性的觉醒:伊甸园]

Acrylic on Canvas
120cm x 180cm

According to the “Book of Genesis”, it was written that Jehovah known as God had created ancestors of mankind in his own image. He named the man Adam and the woman Eve; He then placed the first pair of man and woman to live in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden in the original narrative in the Bible was called the terrestrial paradise, and later on generations over the years used it as a metaphor to describe living in a happy and beautiful environment.

This art piece was created by Ben Chong during lockdown, he said that human nature will always have a good side and an evil side. The display of good and evil lies not in people, but lies within the environment. He hopes that through this art piece, one shall find it’s true paradise.


这幅作品是Ben chong 在MCO的时候创作的,他说人性总有善的一面,也有恶的一面,善恶的展现,不在于人,而在于环境。希望通过这幅作品,你可以找到自己真正的乐园。

January 7 @ 14:45

Ben Chong

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