Jaee Tee

The Faraway [诗和远方]

Acrylic and Oil on Canvas
91cm x 183cm

What is the Faraway? The faraway is not something that can be seen in the human eye but from one’s heart. It means that we all have our own ideal world in our hearts.

The presentation of the landscape is looming in one part and flowing in another. It represents that nothing stays in stagnant and even one is not clear about what awaits ahead, it is to believe that the universe has its calling and it will bring one to where one belongs, which represents the flowing part, that creates walls of opportunities.

Jaee has adapted more contemporary colors in this painting, the slight greenish and yellowish has turned the landscape of the faraway into a near and far effect.





December 11 @ 22:10

Jaee Tee

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