Kim iL Tae

The Golden Horse [金马奔腾,马到功成]

Horse is the symbol of energy and vitality in Ancient China. Horse signifes perseverance, self-improvement and constant movements towards a goal, a charging and progressive driving force in life. The spirit of a horse is somewhat a reflection of the Chinese nation war days, undeterred by danger, with plentiful optimism to overcome any obstacles in life. According to the legend, King Mu of Zhou (976-922 BC) had eight horses, and can be seen riding them often in his travels around the world. Each of his eight horses had a special ability that had helped him scaled greater heights during his reign. Kim Il Tae has painted the golden horses’ elegant liveliness and high spiritedness in such a realistic and delicate way that highlighted the horse’s noble character. Let the spirits of these horses lead us into pursuing our goal no matter what may stand in our way.


November 28 @ 11:30

Kim iL Tae

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