The Lotus of the Buddha’s hand
[佛手莲花, 2024]

The Lotus of the Buddha’s hand [佛手莲花, 2024]

Mixed Media on Canvas
120cm x 120cm

A Buddha’s hand represents the highest teachings in Buddhism, offering guidance, protection from disasters and banishing evil spirits. The lotus symbolizes the journey from struggle to peace, enlightenment, and detachment from worldly concerns. According to Buddhism, when wisdom is attained, the Buddha’s nature is seen in blooming flowers just like the lotus. The serene and calm state of mind, like the lotus, manifests the Buddha’s nature. This artwork signifies spiritual engagement and inner peace. Observing the butterfly resting on the lotus, it shows one’s path to enlightenment, and soon after the flower will start to bloom.




April 30 @ 12:25

Ben Chong

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