ARTIST Ben Chong See Wai

Ben Chong, a contemporary artist residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is involved in a wide range of creative endeavors, including advertising, interior design, and fine art painting. After graduating from the Malaysia Institute of Arts, he took part in various art exhibitions in Malaysia as well as overseas, both as an individual artist and within a group. His artistic inspiration is drawn from the natural world as well as from the complexities of human nature. The Museum of Korea as well as esteemed private collectors from Europe, Hong Kong, and Malaysia have acquired his artworks. Chong expresses his experience of both the natural world and human behavior by interpreting his own emotive sensations through a form of poetic abstraction. These emotions have emerged as a significant inspiration for his creative output.

Ben Chong 是一位居住在马来西亚吉隆坡的当代艺术家,从事广泛的创作活动,包括广告、室内设计和美术绘画。从马来西亚艺术学院毕业后,他以个人艺术家和团体艺术家的身份参加了马来西亚和海外的各种艺术展览。他的艺术灵感来自自然世界以及人性的复杂性。韩国博物馆以及来自欧洲、香港和马来西亚的受人尊敬的私人收藏家都收购了他的作品。张通过一种诗意的抽象形式诠释自己的情感感受,表达了他对自然世界和人类行为的体验。这些情感成为他创作的重要灵感。

Artist Statement
“In my work, I find my inspiration from daily experiences and my belief. I see the canvas as a mirror, a dairy written in color. I visualize interacting forms and connecting lines that express what goes on in my life and in the world. All my works are filled with strong emotional content and a lot of depth.” – Ben Chong See Wai
“在我的工作中,我从日常经历和信念中寻找灵感。我将画布视为一面镜子,一本用彩色书写的日记。我想象互动的形式和连接线,表达我的生活和世界中发生的事情。我所有的作品都充满了强烈的情感内容和深度。” – Ben Chong See Wai

Solo Exhibition
2012 – Love & Soul, The AOFS Art Gallery, Malaysia
2017 – Autism Series – First oversea solo Exhibition, La Mer Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2020 – Optimism Series, BC – Gallery, Malaysia
2022 – Optimism Series, Artexpo 2022, Forcus Artfair, Paris 2022

2017 – International Culture Art Fair Award, International Culture Association of Korea
2017 – Asia Art Award, Asia Culture Association, Korea
2017 – Award of Emerging Souls, World Contemporary Artist Association (WCA) , Hong Kong

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