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British luxury car McLaren roars into the future, collaborating with Malaysian artist Jaee Tee.

“I believe that automobiles are more than just machines, they are also a form of art,” Tee said.

The British luxury automotive manufacturer McLaren launched a new art project on Tuesday (September 26) in collaboration with Malaysian artist Jaee Tee and Japanese artist Mitsuhiro Higuchi.

Tee’s artworks have been featured in esteemed places worldwide including the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris and the Fondazione Luciana Matalon in Italy.
Higuchi is a multidisciplinary artist born in Japan and based in Poland who specialises in collage works and has collaborated with Grammy-winning artists like Ne-yo.

The project’s centrepiece is the all-new McLaren Artura featuring Tee and Higuchi’s mesmerising artwork on its body.

Additional Tiger-themed artworks from Tee and Higuchi are also showcased.
The displays include two original pieces from Tee and Higuchi and five tiger statues representing five universal elements (water, earth, fire, wood and metal).

To unveil the McLaren Artura, Tee and Higuchi were joined by (from left) Germaine, Chai and Chye. — Picture courtesy of McLaren ( source from Malaymail )

“Behind every artwork lies a unique story and a unique artist. We are not just an art gallery; we are an artist management corporation. We focus heavily on artist and IP management, and we bridge art and conventional business activities together,” said Chai of Heritouch Gallery.

As the representative gallery of Tee, Heritouch Gallery serves as an exhibition space, an art trading platform and an exclusive private club for art collectors.

“In the fusion of art and commerce, we discover the essence of innovation and the soul of a brand, to magnify the intrinsic core values,” added Chai.

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