ARTIST Lim Ah Cheng

Lim Ah Cheng, A Malaysian artist residing in a tropical nation and being consistently surrounded by art, one can skillfully employ the vibrant world of distinct colors to create Eastern paintings or abstract expressionism artworks that blend traditional East with the contemporary West. Lim is adept at finding balance between the traditional and modern aspects, as well as between convention and innovation. Using rhythmic colors, ingenious coordination, and blending of shapes and lines, Lim transformed the realistic horses into partially abstract figures and colors, causing them to pulsate with vibrant energy on the canvas. When it comes to the portrayal of horse figures, the western culture often seeks peace and serenity through stillness, finding aesthetic appeal in a state of motionlessness. However Lim seeks tranquility amidst constant movement characterizes a contrasting perspective. The combination of motion and stillness embodies aesthetic concepts that possess unique qualities of creativity and the pursuit of impulses.

Lim Ah Cheng said, ” early on, watercolours, sketches and oil paintings. Either one were used as the main feature for a painting, and these paintings were all so realistic and imagery. Then, after learning the Chinese ink and the technique of freehand, I found that the effect would be better if the two were combined.” From this, the paintings of Lim Ah Cheng from using both mixtures of Chinese and Western influences was born.


林亚清说“之前都是水彩,素描和油画作为主,这些画都属写实或映象派。而后,学了写意派的水墨后,发现如果将两者相结合的效果会更好” 由此,中西画美学表现手法就此诞生!

1988 – 1991 Diploma in Malaysia Institute of Art, Kuala Lumpur
1990 – 1991 Tatsun Studio in Illustration. Certification in Com. Malaysia
1995 – 1999 Under Tutelage Of Mr Chong Chen Chuan, Chairman of Calligraphy

Solo Exhibition
2002 – “Challenging Horses 1996-2002”, Elle Six art Gallery. Malaysia
2004 – “Melody in Harmony”, Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery. Singapore
2005 – “enigma of movements” – 05″,XOAS, Art Salon KL
2006 – “flying with the wind” – Art Seni , kuala Lumpur
2008 – “the passage” A2 art gallery, penang, north Malaysia
2008 – “the passage” Momentous Art Gallery.Singapore
2009 – “Metamorphosis” Art Accent,Malaysia
2014 – accent. malaysia
2015 – Gehrig art gallery, Penang,Malaysia
2018 – “EnCore” Pinkguy Master Gallery
2022 – Pursue the dream, Vart Space, Taiwan

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Introducing Exclusive Artist’ Lim Ah Cheng