Crane Series

In China, the red-crowned cranes have historically been referred to as immortals among the population. In ancient Chinese mythology, the cranes are frequently associated with individuals who have achieved the Tao. He uses a crane as his own means of transportation, riding on a crane to explore the magical world. Cranes are regarded as symbols of longevity, elegance, favorable outcomes, loyalty, and various other admirable characteristics. Why do people attribute the red-crowned crane with so many beautiful qualities despite it being a regular bird?

Red-crowned cranes exhibit unwavering loyalty in matters of love, and once they have chosen their partners, they remain committed for life. In the unfortunate event that one of the cranes passes away, the surviving crane no longer seeks another companion. Red-crowned cranes exhibit a strong sense of accountability as they diligently safeguard their offspring until they reach a state of independence. Pairs, families, or even small flocks are frequently observed among them. In the seasons of inclement weather and winter, it is common for them to gather in significant numbers, consisting of numerous families. On occasions, the sizable group can be comprised of 40-50 or even exceeding a hundred red-crowned cranes. To illustrate the concept of longevity, some individuals frequently sketch their personal renditions of cranes accompanied by robust and upright pine trees, resulting in a portrayal known as “Songhe Yannian”.