Dragon Series

Lim Ah Cheng has been aware from the beginning that his ancestors originated from China; he is a direct descendant of the dragon, embodying its legacy as both its creator and master. “I cannot disclose my place of origin, as it lies in China, the homeland of the dragon.” This symbolic significance is intended to create a sense of belonging and pride in all Chinese individuals across the globe.

To usher in the approaching Year of the Dragon, Lim Ah Cheng has once again crafted a collection called “Dragon.” This series incorporates calligraphy, poetry, and seals as the backdrop for the paintings. He utilized Western painting, also known as oil painting, He utilized oil painting, commonly known as Western painting, as the medium, and Chinese painting as the form. The artwork was titled “Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth” and depicted the five elements of the Dragon. In the cosmos, the five elements interact by both creating and sustaining one another. The cycle of metal, water, wood, fire, and earth is a continuous and interconnected process: metal gives rise to water, water gives rise to wood, wood gives rise to fire, fire gives rise to earth, and earth gives rise back to metal. Each aspect of our existence follows its own set of rules, and in due course, it will strive to find equilibrium.