Horse Series

He had a quiet and reserved demeanor, and he decided to center his artistic creations around horses. “I frequently come across horses in calendars or advertisements. Many of them are depicted in pictures with eight horses, but they all appear stiff and unrefined. When a group of horses runs together, their movement lacks the dynamic and graceful posture that defines running. Observing that the horse in the picture seemed unable to lift its feet, Lim Ah Cheng decided to rectify this mistake on his own.”

According to Lim Ah Cheng, Eastern individuals perceive “horses” as powerful and energetic creatures associated with heroism and lack of constraints. Conversely, Westerners prioritize the representation of horses and their aesthetic appeal, placing greater emphasis on their static beauty. Hence, Lim Ah Cheng fearlessly embraced the artistic idea of blending Chinese and Western ink techniques, effectively reflecting the dynamic transformations of colors and forms. The fusion of the chaotic and orderly running styles of the horses ultimately generated a powerful energy in both appearance and mindset!

“Did you not feel the cool wind blowing by? It feels like it’s right next to us, right by the horses,” a collector said. The energy captured in the painting resonated with the artist’s aesthetic vision in addition to being praised by loved ones.

When the audience has a strong emotional attachment to a painter’s work, it indicates the painter’s success. According to Lim Ah Cheng, the inspiration for my paintings comes from my emotions. Although I cannot ignore the initial vision I had before starting to draw, occasionally the outcome differs from my original intentions with just a single stroke of the brush. One cannot foresee change on their own; everything is spontaneous and driven by emotions.