ARTIST Nicholas Choong

Nicholas Choong, a conceptual artist who is no stranger to the visual arts and design world. In the 1960s, pop art made its debut in the United States. Additionally, it is the most significant and distinctive kind of art in the country. Pop Art’s influence has evolved beyond the constraints of its time and is now recognized as an influential modern art genre. Nicholas Choong was never bound by convention, therefore he blurs the line between art and life by using a novel style of expression. His works are made from a variety of discarded items that he blends with popular picture motifs and brilliantly coloured patterns to create visually appealing compositions. Chong’s style can best be described as colourful & traditional, with a contemporary flair. Nicholas Choong’s artwork perfectly captures the spirit of Pop Art. He accentuates reality rather than defying or mocking it, but emphasizing the visual effects and meaning of the objects itself.

Nicholas Choong 是一位概念艺术家,对视觉艺术和设计界并不陌生。 20世纪60年代,波普艺术在美国首次亮相。此外,它是该国最重要和最独特的艺术类型。波普艺术的影响力已经超越了其时代的限制,现在被认为是一种有影响力的现代艺术流派。钟尼古拉斯从不拘泥于传统,他以新颖的表达方式模糊了艺术与生活的界限。他的作品由各种废弃物品制成,与流行的图片主题和色彩鲜艳的图案相融合,创造出具有视觉吸引力的作品。 Chong 的风格可以用丰富多彩、传统和现代的风格来形容。 Nicholas Choong 的艺术作品完美地体现了波普艺术的精神。他强调现实,而不是反抗或嘲笑现实,而是强调物体本身的视觉效果和意义。

Art Fairs
2023 – Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2022 – One Art Taipei, Taiwan
2022 – Affordable Art Fair Singapore
2022 – CIMB Artober Hotel Art Fair, Elements KL
2022 – Art For All : Art Gala by Art Expo Malaysia, GMBB KL
2021 – MAEF (Malaysia Art Ecosystem Festival), World Trade Center KL
2021 – CIMB Artober 2021 Hotel Art Fair, Westin KL
2021 – ASYAAF (Hidden Artists Festival), Seoul, South Korea
2021 – Art Moments Jakarta
2020 – ‘Discovering Malaysia Contemporary Art’ : The Hamptons Virtual Art Fair
2015 – Young Art Taipei, Taiwan

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