About Us

Heritouch Gallery was co-founded by Richie, Hui Teng & Miriam. It is an exhibition gallery, an art trading platform, and also an exclusive and private club for art collectors. The gallery exhibits mainly international-grade artworks, antiques & limited-edition collectibles. Heritouch has its exclusive partners and direct branches located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong & Singapore.

The Founder’s Story
In 2016, my wife Hui Teng & I were introduced to art collection for the very first time. When we first saw the artwork named【Eternity Love】by the famous Korean artist, Mr. Kim Il Tae, we were deeply hooked and fascinated by this unique piece. This artwork portrays an elegant rose, painted with 24K gold on canvas. It invoked a sense of vitality, love, abundance and inner fulfillment. I have held strong belief in its future potential value, even if it doesn’t, this tangible asset would be able to pass on to my future generations and beyond . More siginificantly, it epitomises our love on this life journey and story.

The artwork was successfully resold, and it returned a substantial profit within a year. Since then we began to explore further into the investment for art collection . We met many like-minded friends during the journey as art collectors. We have learned so much from the ultra-high-net-worth community, especially those in US, Europe & China. We were so immensely impressed by how they passed on their legacies in the form of cultural assets or art pieces, intricately blended with their core values.

Since then, we started to collect art pieces as gifts to our children. Each of them carries the love, memories, family values & individual story that is uniquely bespoke, and with it the symbolism of ever-lasting across the future generations and beyond
“There’s Always A Touching Story” – Heritouch Gallery

Art has also given us more wisdom, more joy, more creativity, and it even allows us to find our inner peace. Just as what the great artist Pablo Picasso once said:
“Art washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life.”

Our Mission:
The mission of Heritouch is to support talented artists and help them gain world-class recognition. We also aim to create an international community hub for all the art collectors, a hub where they can meet like-minded peers to share and exchange.

Our Vision:
The vision of Heritouch is to inspire the world with the story behind every art piece.