The Story behind “Sudden Flower” by Ryan San

The Story behind “Sudden Flower” by Ryan San

As a child, Ryan lived with his grandmother in Shantou, Guangdong Province for a few years in China. “When I was a child, if I performed well in the class, the teacher would give me a little red flower as a reward. “When he got the little red flower, he would be very happy and share the joy with his grandmother as soon as he went home.

Later, Ryan migrated to Hong Kong with his family. Ryan would return to visit her grandmother every year in summer, winter or holidays. And every time when he was about to return to Hong Kong, grandma will secretly hide a bag of red flowers in his suitcase. When he returned to his home and opened the box, he found that secretly stuffed small bunch of red flowers.

There is no such tradition of little red flower reward in Hong Kong. What grandma did was just to make her beloved grandson happy and also it symbolized blessing, love and peace. Grandma said that as long as the little red flower is given, you will be surrounded by luck and good fortune.

Back then when grandma was in illness, Ryan was preparing his thesis and design works for graduation. Ryan was worried about grandma. In order to have more time to accompany her, he arranged a room of his grandmother’s house as a studio. From that day on, he drew beside his grandmother every day. Grandma could watch him draw. She was very proud. Every time Ryan finishes a piece of work, he asks his grandmother for advice. Grandma only smiles and nods, no matter what her grandson draws, he is always the best deeply inside her heart.

Later, grandma died. There were no more red flowers from her. Since grandma’s death, Ryan has made up his mind to pick up the brush and become a full-time artist. He believed that one day, he would have grown old. Grandma may not have recognized him if they both met in heaven, however, he believes that grandma could definitely recognize his paintings. Hence, Ryan began to draw flower pattern, inspired by this little red flower by grandmom. He always believed that the red flower in his grandma’s hand was full of power and love.

《霎那花》 背后的故事 by Ryan San


后来RYAN随着家人到香港生活。上小学和中学的时候,每年一遇到暑假、寒假或是节假日, RYAN就会回乡探望奶奶。而每次离别的时候,奶奶都会偷偷把一包小红花藏到他的行李箱中。等他一回到香港,打开箱子的时候,才会发现奶奶偷偷塞了一小袋的小红花。爸爸说,奶奶知道在香港上学并没有小红花奖励的这种习俗,所有为了让她心爱的孙儿开心,也象征一种平安的祝福。奶奶说,只要把小红花带在身上,好运就会伴随左右。